Rock Candy Gummy Vibes Red

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- Realistically-shaped mini gummy bear vibrator- Textured Snuggle Nose` designed to nuzzle your sweet spot- Ultra-powered motor packs a sweet punch- Discreetly sized for travel- Waterproof design- Classic candy colors include Bubblegum Pink, Blueberry Blue, Cinnamon Red and Jelly Bean PurpleSweet dreams are made of these! The Rock Candy® scientists have whipped up the Gummy Vibe®, a powerful,pocket sized vibrator shaped like an adorable gummy bear! The Rock Candy Gummy Vibe puts a sweet face on a powerful clit stimulator that`s so good, you`ll want to skip dinner and jump straight to dessert. The snuggly-soft bear nuzzles the clitoris with a textured snuggle nose`, providing discreet yet intense, powerful vibrations directly to your sweet spot. The lifelike gummy texture and playful design brings an element of whimsy to solo pleasure or partner play. Hold a squishy soft Gummy Bear on the nipples for extra erogenous stimulation, or against the side of the mouth during oral sex! Give a fun-sized Gummy Vibe a try, and you`ll realize that a bedroom without one of the world`s most popular candy treats is simply unbearable!Dimensions:Total Length: 2.5 in.Diameter: 1 in.

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