Fetish Fantasy Series Suck N' Stroke Head Pump Black

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Enjoy intense blowjob-like simulation with the incredible Suck N Stroke Head Pump. This easy-to-use tip teaser creates a powerful suction action that stimulates the sensitive nerve endings underneath and around your penis head. With each squeeze of the medical-style pump ball, the soft rubber sleeve clings to your manhood and slides up and down with each pump. Choose a ring size first, slide the ring over the sleeve, fold the sleeve over the pump cylinder, and enjoy a vacuum-tight seal around your head. Be sure to use plenty of Moist lotion for an extra wet, extra wild encounter! Perfect for Beginners! Intense Blowjob-Like Suction Made to Play HardKit Includes: Medical-Style PVC Ball Pump Super-Stretchy PVC Pump Sleeve Heavy-Duty ABS Cylinder Clear and Sturdy Vaccuum Tube (3) Graduating Silicone Cockrings Ball Pump Dimensions: Width/Depth: 2.09 (53.29 mm) Height: 3.13 (79.66 mm)Sleeve Dimensions: Length: 4.9 (124.65 mm) Width: 2.3 (58.53 mm) Depth: .1 (2.77 mm) Cylinder Dimensions: Length: 3.22 (81.79 mm) Width/Diameter: 2.07 (52.7 mm) Depth: .08 (2.09 mm) Tube Dimensions: Length: 17.5 (44.4 cm) Width/Diameter: .23 (5.87 mm) Depth: .06 (1.64 mm) Cockring Diameters: Small: 1.2 (30 mm) Medium: 1.6 (40 mm) Large: 2 (50 mm)

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