Zero Tolerance Thump & Grind Silicone Usb Rechargeable Stroker Masturbator Black

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This luxury stroker has all the functions you need to complete your ultimate fantasy, including an adult movie download for inspiration! Powerful vibrations inside a creamy smooth silicone channel is just the beginning with this unique toy. It also warms up to feel much more like the real thing, and delivers thumping function that mimics the best part of a BJ, that tongue-flicking sensation on the frenulum, the sensitive spot under the head. Then as if that weren`t enough, the final `over the top` function is a `Turbo Max` button that you can press when the licking and vibrating motors are both in effect. This instantly boosts both motors up to their maximum speed, giving you an outrageous blast of intense sensation! These four features together add up to an unforgettable experience that you`ll want to revisit again and again. Clean with Zero Tolerance Masturbator Cleaner and a warm water rinse.Dimensions:Height: 5.25 in.Depth: 2.45 in.Width: 2.5 in.

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