Zayden Side Saddle Muscle Butt


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Zayden has the perfect muscle butt and wants you to use him! We fell in love with Zayden and his tiny perfectly muscled body the first time we met him! After getting to know his sweet and innocent personality, we were surprised and pleased that he has agreed to let you fuck him. Take him home with you and do everything you have ever dreamed of, to his perfectly chiseled tight and firm, willing and begging ass. This handmade, handpainted for real-look-and-feel stroker provides intense and extreme orgasms for maximum pleasure with RealFeel Ultra Premium Bio-Skin that is soft and stretcy for a lifelike feel. Use Zayden on side saddle position with easy-grip flat base for maximum stablity. Size: Length: 8.5"; (21.6 cm), Width: 6 inches (15.2 cm), Height: 4.75"; (12.1 cm).

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