Truth Or Dare Balloon Pop Game

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Here are several possible ways to play Truth or Dare Balloon Pop:Option 1 Balloon Pass: Game play is similar to musical chairs or hot potato. All partygoers sit or stand in a circle. Pick out one balloon and blow it up, then start the music and pass the balloon around the circle as quickly as possible. At random, the hostess will make the music stop and the player holding the balloon must pop her balloon and perform the truth or dare activity. Play continues until only one player is left in the circle. Drinking Version: During game play, the player that has to pop her balloon must also take a drink! (Please Drink Responsibly)Option 2 Balloon Pop: Distribute the un-inflated balloons evenly among the partygoers, only one balloon per player. The first player to inflate and then sit on their balloon (popping it) gets to assign the truth and dare activity to be performed by the partygoer of their choosing.Option 3 Hot Air Balloons: Partygoers must keep their inflated balloon in the air for as long as possible without using their hands. The first player that drops their balloon must pop it and then perform the truth and dare activities.Option 4 Bulls-Eye: Use tape to attach the inflated balloons to a large board, making sure there is at least one balloon for every player. Using darts, players attempt to pop the balloons. If they pop a balloon they can assign the truth and dare activities to the player of their choice. Only one dart may be thrown per player per turn.Option 5 Relay Balloon: Players try running, with an inflated balloon between their legs, across the room. The first player to drop their balloon must pop it and perform the truth and dare activities.

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