Frisky 8 Peice Restraint Set Black

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Allow yourself the freedom of giving up control with this eight piece bondage set from Frisky. Imagine yourself doted upon and teased. Lying there in sublime ecstasy, anticipating every move and waiting for the next direction. This beginners bondage set is as comfortable as it is seductive. Made of faux fur details and the softest leather, these cuffs will keep you pleasurably subdued for hours! The adjustable straps and buckles ensure a comfortable experience for the wearer. Each cuff has a solid D-ring and attached easily to the straps with a claw closure. The buckles fasten securely using the grommeted faux leather strap. Use your imagination, this bedroom restraint kit is travel friendly! Size Cuff Width: 2 Circumference: Fits wrists between 8 and 12 Strap Fully Extended Length: 45 Fully Cinched Length: 24.5

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