Bride To Be Party Blocks

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Perfect for: Bachelorette Parties, Hen Night, Birthday Parties, or any Girl`s Night Out!Make the most out of your Girl`s Night, Bachelorette Party, or Hen Night? An exciting twist on an old favorite, Bride-to-Be Party Blocks game is guaranteed to provide countless hours of entertainment.Act out amusing dares, tell naughty truths, and knock back your favorite drinks as you challenge partygoers to participate in outrageously entertaining antics!CONTENTS:24 blocks, 48 different activities printed on the blocks. Each block is also numbered from 1 thru 24 for alternate game play options. (For 2 or more players.)HOW TO PLAY:Create your tower by placing the blocks on a flat sturdy surface, 3 blocks per layer, text side down and alternating directions by layer. Using only one hand at a time, players take turns carefully removing a block from anywhere below the top level and acting out the activity printed on the block. (Prior to game play, choose one of the 4 game play options.) Once complete, stack the block back on the top level and the next player takes a turn and so on. Keep removing and stacking blocks until someone knocks the tower over.

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