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Ph-balanced intimate wipesNeed a post-sex scrub, but have no time to hop in the tub? Freshen up fast with CLEAN, discreet intimate wipes that provide a quick cleanse in a pinch. The flushable wipes remove perspiration up, down and around the body, including the penis, testicles, underarms and feet. Hypoallergenic and formulated for sensitive skin, enjoy a cooling sensation anywhere that can also be used to temporarily soothe inner thigh and underarm chafing. Each box includes a 10-pack of pre-moistened wipes, specially-packaged for portability. Easily stashed in any pocket, gym bag, or trunk, CLEAN wipes are the perfect remedy to hot, sweaty junk! - Individually-packaged, pre-moistened intimate wipes - 100% biodegradable; flushable (one wipe at a time is recommended)- Can be used with warm water and soap as an additional toy cleaner- TSA/travel-friendly Package dimensions: 4.375 x 4 x 1.5

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